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Advertising through traditional channels is becoming more and more obsolete in the modern world. Online marketing is an attractive alternative for small businesses especially, as it is generally cheaper, more effective, and reaches a wider audience. Social media websites and optimized company websites are far more efficient than methods of local advertising. With the ever-increasing usage of mobile technology, marketing through social media in particular will continue to flourish.

Social Media Giants

Perhaps the best way to reach out to consumers is through social media platforms. Facebook in particular is excellent because businesses can create pages for free and spread their products, offers, or other information through “word of mouth”. Through creative campaigns or simply sensational branding, pages can gain fans who will share the page of their own volition. Alternatively, businesses can pay for ad placement. Mobile advertising in particular has been on the rise in the past couple of years, with almost three quarters of the Facebook user base connected through smartphones. Paid advertising on Facebook is targeted to audiences who have shown interest to similar companies, which means small businesses with lower budgets are more likely to reach the people they need to.

Twitter is another giant that is used for online marketing. Small businesses can communicate directly with their customers and target audience in short 140 character long messages. The brevity of the message makes it more likely to be read, and the fact that most users access Twitter through mobile devices makes it more likely to be delivered. Over half of all people in developed countries use smartphones, as well as a rapidly rising 20% of those in developing areas.

SEO – Reaching Another Audience

Having a website for a business is a great way to centralize information, contact, and support, but if it is not optimized, it is missing out on a huge audience. Search Engine Optimization - SEO for short – pushes websites to the front of search engine rankings. This indirect form of online marketing drives the best type of traffic to a website: people who are specifically looking for the product(s) or service(s). There are many components to a well-optimized website, so without prior knowledge most small business owners may do well to hire an expert.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods

Several major advantages exist for online marketing. First of all, with a limited budget a small business owner can reach a global and local market. Second, the nature of most online methods is passive or self-perpetuating (such as fans sharing the company’s page on Facebook). Finally, advertising online allows businesses to instantly reach their consumers with the proper channel – something previously unprecedented through television, newspapers, and signage.


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