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Increasing the amount web traffic to your site can be one of the most important and stressful things for any business or private website owner. Everyone wants new people visiting their websites, to reach new audiences but what’s the best way of going about doing this?

If you want to reach a large audience quickly and for free, two of the best services available to you are Link Collider and Traffic Adbar, two amazingly simple but wonderfully effective websites that are sure to increase the web traffic to your sites. can bring you thousands of page hits every single day for free. As part of their ever evolving SEO service, Link Collider’s mainstay is the inclusion of exchanging social media benefits such as Sharing and Liking on Facebook, following and Tweeting on Twitter, Thumb Upping on StumbleUpon and much more. That all adds towards your website’s SEO value and search engine ranking in a safe manner.

Link directories are important to promoting your site and increasing traffic, and Link Collider has collected a huge list of the most popular online directories, and allows you to upload your website to them free of charge with one simple click, taking away all of the hard work but leaving you with all of the benefits!

Traffic Adbar offers similar services, yet works very well together with Link Collider to create a well rounded way of promoting your website. Traffic Adbar has thousand of members and will include links to your website in their daily email that they send out to members, letting your website reach thousands of people daily.

Traffic Adbar will not just target their existing members however, but also to audiences outside of their membership base by displaying advertisements for your website in traffic exchanges, safelists, social media and all other websites where their other members choose to display their Ad Bar. They offer all of this to you without requiring you to lift a single finger.

Link Collider and Traffic Adbar are safe and proven methods of greatly increasing the amount of traffic to your website from real everyday people and a great way of spreading recognition of your brand. Sign up today and start reaping the benefits from these great services!

If you want to explode the traffic to your website you should check out the two sites below. They really can increase the hits to your site and both sites are FREE. Both sites offer different features so you will get the most benefit by using both. There are other similar sites but these two are the best in my opinion.

Link Collider

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Free Website Traffic

Traffic Ad Bar

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Free Website Traffic