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"Daniel, I just purchased a copy of your SEOPressor WordPress Plugin. It is excellent! I highly suggest that every WordPress user secure their own copy immediately!" ~William Clements

Some people find it hard to get to the top of search engine rankings, especially Google. No matter how hard they try, they just couldn’t quite get it. Some people find it easy as pie to get to the top, like in a blink of the eye.

Sure, some of the successful ones say their hire expensive, renowned expert SEO consultants to do the job. And in some cases that is true and the SEO consultants deliver. But for every successful SEO consultant that gets the job done, there are probably ten cases where the "experts" just fail to deliver.

And those at the very top of their game HIDE this secret, and won’t let just anyone else know about it because it will ABSOLUTELY DESTROY the SEO CONSULTANT field and WIPE OUT THE COMPETITION. It will put all those so-called SEO professionals out of a job!

They let a trusted software tool take care of the tedious tasks of analysis, research and calculation that can so bedevil the human mind. This tool makes their work so easy, simple and risk-free, soon SEO consultants might need to find a new career path!

And not just any tool, no sir. This is the only one of a kind plugin EXCLUSIVE for WordPress users…

Even now as I’m telling you this, ANOTHER HUNDRED USERS ARE ALREADY DOMINATING THEIR NICHES WITH THIS PLUGIN, RIGHT THIS SECOND. 70,000+ WordPress niche sites are already comfortably using this plugin to rise to the top of their game and dominating over their competitors!

Many of you know me as the SEO Guy. I do SEO for a living and have been helping a lot of websites to get their #1 ranking on search engines. Today, I am releasing my very own SEO plugin that has been helping me and my clients to optimize our On-Page factors!

We all know on-page SEO is important! Having excellent on-page factors give you the advantage to rank high in search engines without the need for excessive off-page works.

To illustrate how important On-Page SEO is, almost all SEO companies start a project optimizing On-Page factors FIRST. No matter the industry, the niche or the type of websites you have, on-page is always the #1 area you must look into, or there will be a big price to pay in lost revenue and income!

I do the same in my SEO Business. I always look at the On-Page factors first before I proceed with link building. If the on-page factors aren’t sorted out well, going after link building is just a waste of effort and time.

Checking on On-Page factors one by one using a checklist is very time consuming. To solve this problem, I hired assistants and trained them to use my checklist.

Then I found out not every assistant completed my checklist well! Some of them simply tick on the checlist without actually analysing the website. This happens a lot especially when we have backlogs!

This also got me thinking about the newer Internet Marketers out there who don’t have the experience and know-how of doing on-page SEO as it can get quite daunting. They may spend years trying to get things "right" and never get any closer to understanding on-page SEO than when they first started. Or they may outsource and hire professionals to do the job, but as you can see from my experience somtimes you end up getting unreliable people and waste precious time, money and effort!

On the left you see my blog posts and their SEO Scores in SEOPressor. On the right, you see Google Analytics showing the TOP landing pages of my website. Obviously, the top landing pages are the ones bringing in heavy traffic and visitors.

By comparing the Top 5, there is a CLOSE match! My Top 5 highly-scored posts seem to be ranking very well according to Google Analytics, resulting in them becoming the Top 5 landing pages!

You already know that SEOPressor is already used by THOUSANDS of internet marketers to achieve results beyond even what the most skilled professionals often deliver.

You also know that SEOPressor will catapult your WordPress website to the top ranks of the search engines and drive massive amounts of traffic to your website 24/7, all on autopilot!

Analyses Title, H1, H2 and H3 Tags Your title and heading tags are the most important factors that can influence your search engine ranking. SEOPressor will analyse your title and heading tags and intelligently suggest changes to them for the best proven optimization.

Analyses Keyword Density and Content Length It has been tested and proven countless of times that Search Engines especially Google likes longer than shorter content. Your keyword density is also an important factor that can influence how you rank. SEOPressor will analyse both of them and suggest changes you can make to improve your optimization.

Analyses The Exact Placement of Your Keyword SEOPressor not only analyses your keyword, it also intelligently takes into account the exact placement of your keywords. The exact placement of your keyword in your content will determind how well you rank on Search Engines.

Analyses Images and Links Images and linking structures have a huge impact on your ranking. SEOPressor will analyse images and links on your content and suggest changes you can make for higher search engine ranking.

Analyses Font Decorations Decorations such as bold, italic and underline all have great impact over your on-page optimization. SEOPressor analyses them and suggest changes you can make to help search engines understand your content better.

Intelligently Bold, Italize and Underline Your Keywords Font decorations are known to have great… Read more…